Tell the ACMA you want Fair Calls For All


What does it mean when I make a submission to the ACMA?

By sending an email using our submission tool you're participating in a public consultation.

In general, the ACMA publishes all the submissions it receives. This means your email to the ACMA could be made publically available on the ACMA website. If you want to provide private or commercially sensitive information in your submission then add 'Information is supplied in confidence. Do not publish' at the beginning of your email.

The information you provide could still be made public in certain circumstances, including under Freedom of Information laws. Read more at the ACMA website.

What happens to my submission?

A copy of your submission will be sent to the ACMA and cc-ed to ACCAN, who runs the Fair Calls For All campaign. The information you provide here will not be used for other purposes or provided to third parties. For more information see the Privacy Policy,

Who is ACCAN?

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is the peak body that represents all consumers on communications issues including telecommunications, broadband and emerging new services. We provide a strong, unified voice to industry and government as we work towards availability, accessibility and affordability of communications services for all Australians.

The operation of ACCAN is made possible by funding provided by the Australian government. Read more at