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Do Gooder Features

Step 1: Get an issue

To start a Do Gooder campaign website all you need is a good cause or issue. One you're passionate about. Big or small. Local or global. Something that you can make better.

Next: Create a seriously good site

Step 2: Create a seriously good site

Set up your Do Gooder campaign website in minutes and make it your own... add pages, photos, a logo, explainer text, a unique web address, YouTube vids and so on ... whatever it takes to tell the world why your campaign matters, rallying supporters in their droves to your cause.

Next: Add powerful actions

Step 3: Add powerful actions

This is where things get special. Do Gooder comes with built-in campaign action tools you can configure at any point in your campaign. Set targets for your supporters to sign petitions, donate, call or email their politicians and other decision makers and more ...

Next: Spread like wildfire

Step 4: Spread the word

Do Gooder makes it simple for you and your supporters to spread your campaign through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also track the uptake of your campaign actions as your supporters come on board with Google Analytics.

Next: WIN!

Step 5: WIN!

We won't pretend. There's still a lot of hard work between launching and winning. But Do Gooder gives you the time and the tools to focus on doing just that, giving you the best shot at tasting that sweet campaign success. Just remember to throw an end party to thank your supporters.

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Our Blog

NEW on Do Gooder: Flexible actions, control your data and yearly plans

Wed, 03 Sep 2014 19:56:00

Do Gooder now plays nice with your other platforms, your fundraising team and even your accounts department! You can now: 

  • embed actions in your own website (with optional custom CSS!)
  • sync actions  with your NationBuilder Nation
  • own your own data
  • pay yearly and save good money.

If you’ve ever ...

The World Heritage defence begins – with extra do-goodness

Wed, 21 May 2014 08:36:00


UPDATE: WIN! Bob’s campaign, which delivered over 5,000 heartfelt messages to the World Heritage Committee, was at the vanguard of public opposition to the delisting request which ultimately failed! Good one!

The Bob Brown Foundation has just launched a campaign to protect the Tasmania’s world heritage listing ...